Monday, July 14, 2008

When You Can't Think of What to Blog About, Make a List

A Few of My Favorite Things Right Now:

Feeling Baby move. There is something so comforting about feeling the baby move. It’s this awesome little reminder that all is well. Feeling the baby move has made me so much more attached to him than I would have ever predicted.

The fact that our house is almost finished. The bathroom that has been in process for several week/months is on the home stretch. The plumbing, electrical and walls are finished. The floor has been tiled and the shower is almost done. The washer and dryer have been ordered and should arrive any day. We are so close! This is the final major project on the house and it feels so good to be almost done. I love our house and I have loved watching it take shape but I am anxious to sit back and enjoy it!

The husband. He is not only handsome as all get out, but he has been incredibly sweet to me throughout this pregnancy, constantly telling me how cute I look and offering to carry bags, move my car, get me a glass of water ect. The icing on the cake is that he goes to work all day (thankfully he loves his new job) and then comes home and does house projects, not because he has to, but because he likes to. Sometimes I get annoyed at how consumed he gets with the house, but then I remember how lucky I am to have a partner who is such a hard worker.

The nursery. I bought a bumper, crib sheet and crib skirt yesterday and it was so fun to put it all together last night. The bedding is kind of pieced together and it’s not necessarily my dream concept for the room, but it’s a beautiful blue color and incredibly soft…so I’m not going to obsess. I figure it’s a great opportunity to do something fun on the walls and with a rug.

Cherries, homemade waffles, turkey sandwiches, peaches, ice cream sandwiches and Mexican food. I wouldn’t call these my cravings, but these are the staples of my diet. If I could figure out a way to convince Aaron to eat burritos and waffles exclusively for the next three months, I would be a very happy woman. He apparently likes variety, which I’m not to into that right now.

A Short List of Not So Favorite Things:

Heartburn. I get it from anything, even leaning over or burping has been known to get it going. Yuck. I would cut out the spicy food, but toast has brought it on as often as salsa.

Back pain. My back hurts. A lot. Enough said.

Tiredness. I can’t call it fatigue, but holy crap am I tired. Anybody who says they had so much energy while pregnant is a big fat liar.

Work. It’s not as bad as it was, but I’m ridiculously busy and feeling like I’m doing all this work that reaps so few results. I need a team of people to help me and that’s not in the cards, so I just show up every morning dreading what they day will bring. Three months until maternity leave…when apparently the really hard work starts!

A backed up tub drain. We have bad juju in our upstairs bathroom and the latest issue is a clogged tub drain. No amount of drano, expensive organic orange scented “drano,” snaking, plunging or just plain old screaming and swearing at the drain gets the clog moving. Note to anyone visiting in the near future: expect ankle deep water while taking a shower. Sorry about that.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Checking In

I might be the worst blogger ever...
I think the issue is that I don't have time to blog during the work day and by the time the evening rolls around my brain is on empty.
Anyway, here are a few pictures of what we did over the weekend:
Willows Lodge

25 weeks...yikes, to say I've gone through a 'growth spurt' would be an understatement A little wine tasting...just a sip for me!