Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's a Baby?

We had the official ultrasound today, and we were in for a pretty big shock! Its a BOY!! The ultrasound tech asked us how attached we were to having a girl, and both of us just kind of stared blankly at her. Finally she said, because its not a girl, its definitely a boy.

And let me tell you, he wasn't shy about showing us his goods. Aaron thinks he hasn't appreciated being called a girl for the last three weeks so he to make sure we had multiple chances to see who he truly is.

Speaking of Aaron, he definitely got a little choked up hearing he was having a boy. I was laughing like an awkward weirdo and Aaron was trying to hold back the tears; we were quite the pair. As much as both of us were open and excited to have either, we are both so happy to be having a boy. As I overhear Aaron talking on the phone with friends or family, he refers to the baby has 'his son.' There is nothing sweeter to my ears.

At the same time, I think I'm still in a little bit of shock. I really thought it was a girl and after our quick ultrasound at the last appointment, I was ready to start shopping for striped tights and hair ribbons.

I am truly ecstatic to be having a son. I just keep rolling that idea around in my brain, I'm going to be the mother of a son. I have a son!


Fine For Now said...

This exact same thing happened to a real life friend of mine just last week!

(Although their story is much much different: my friend lost her brother the week before they found out the baby was really a boy, and really for her this new news of a baby boy really did great things for her, they have decided to name the baby after her brother, and she admitted a relief/joy that it is a boy not a girl.)

But for you! AWESOME news! And how cute is it that your husband is so excited about his son! :)

Ripe for Reading said...

Congratulations! Let the name selecting begin : )

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Claire is very excited for a boyfriend and an already prearranged marriage!