Sunday, December 21, 2008


And like the flip of a switch, my child started sleeping seven hours at night and has been an absolute dream baby the last two days. Friday night he fell asleep in my arms at 8pm and I had a small revelation that the poor kid probably isn't getting enough sleep. Aaron and I worked really hard on Saturday to make sure he was taking plenty of naps and amazingly he has barely fussed in the last two days. I love these little windows of clarity God gives us.

My blog is named after my favorite book, Traveling Mercies by Ann Lamott. The book is about the author's journey to becoming a Christian and all the people who walked along side her. Those quiet moments where God speaks to us, whether it's about helping our kid to take more naps or way bigger things like making a life change or forgiving someone who has hurt us are traveling mercies. It can also be a kind word from a friend, a warm drink that takes the chill away or a small kindness from a stranger, but it's those moments where you feel God's presence in big and small ways.
I feel l ike I experienced a bit of traveling mercies this weekend...everything from my husbnds ecouragement, to seven straight hours of sleep last night to kind words from dear friends on this little blog.
The snow is falling outside, my baby is sleeping and my oven just beeped letting me know it's done pre-heating so I'm off to make my next batch of cookies. I am surrounded in traveling mercies.
I am blessed.


Fine For Now said...

He is absolutely EDIBLE!

Have a Merry Christmas :o)

The Lewis Family said...

Congrats! Thanks for the great post- it made me smile. Love you guys! Great pictures- such a doll!

Ripe for Reading said...

Such a lovely post.

The Lewis Family said...

Of course you guys can come by this weekend!! We would love to see you guys!! Give me a call and let me know when you are thinking would work- maybe we could do dinner-yay!

Serenity Now said...

what a cutie! I've been wondering about the title of your blog - I'm a huge Anne Lamott fan..she just has a way of saying things that make me nod and go "YES!".
Glad he's sleeping better - it's amazing what a night of sleep will do for a mom!