Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Catch All

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month. Yikes. All is well with baby and the belly is growing like crazy. When I hit 17 weeks the pudge turned to belly and its been growing by the day since then. It continues to blow my mind that I'm nearly half way through this process. I will post some updated pictures shortly.

We had a mini-ultrasound at our appointment last week and the doctor is "guessing" girl. She wouldn't guarantee it because she couldn't actually see between babies legs. The fact that there were no boy parts is reason enough for me to start buying some pink! We have our official ultrasound in a week and a half where we will get final confirmation.

It was so unbelievable to first of all see how much our baby has grown since 9 weeks and then to see it swimming and dancing around was incredible. I am feeling more and more attached to her now that I am showing and we have a pretty good idea that its a girl. I find myself rubbing my belly or doodling her name when I'm bored at work.

I wish I had the right words to explain the way your mind and heart morph and change as you go through a pregnancy. I know for some women, its an instant connection as soon as they see two lines on the pregnancy test, but for me it was so different. We weren't really expecting to pregnant when we did, and although we knew it was a possibility, it was still a huge shock. In the beginning this pregnancy was all about symptoms, my emotions, my body. But, little by little me heart has warmed to this little child and already I can't imagine my life without her...or in the off chance him. Now its not so much about my body and my needs as it is about watching a life grow and anticipating the addition to our family. My heart really is so full of love for this little thing and I hope she is growing and happy and content in her mama's belly.

In other news, we have started our last home improvement project...putting a bathroom in our basement. Aaron has installed the plumbing for a new sink, toilet and shower and he'll begin the electrical this weekend. Its so awesome being married to someone so handy, the only downside is that it becomes all consuming for him, so I basically won't see him for the next two months until its finished.

Here are a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks:
Aaron at our Redneck Barbecue manning the barbecue.
His parents and I teamed up to give him the barbecue for this birthday.
Also: his shirt says I've tried polygamy. (polygamy porter -- the beer) Klassy
The second picture is of one of the iris's my mom gave me last year. She dug them up from her dad's house 20+ years ago and has had then planted at every house she's lived at. It is really special for me that she gave some of them to me and they grew!!! I didn't kill them!
The final picture is a piece of fabric I'm considering for my girls bedding. What do you think?


Fine For Now said...

Oh I am so glad that you are doing well! I was starting to get worried, in a non-stalker-ish kind of way :)

I just love the way you describe how your feelings and emotions changed...makes me all NEED. BABY. NOW!

How wonderful if it is a girl! (or boy!) and that bedding is really really pretty!

Glad you are back :o)

parkert3 said...

Hey that's one of Heather Bailey's new fabrics! I love her fabric! Do you guys have a store that carries her stuff? If so you are really lucky. I always get mine on They have Amy Butler too.

parkert3 said...

Yeah for babies. They thought Abby was a boy for the first 5 months in the womb. whoops! But the second SG did not show any boy parts! Luckily, she didn't come out with a complex. I can't wait to meet her/him!!

Ripe for Reading said...

I feel you on bonding with the being that grows inside the belly. I love talking to baby. It's just unreal what our bodies are doing!

I love the fabric, too.