Friday, April 18, 2008

A Few Firsts

We heard the heartbeat for the first time on Wednesday. In the moment, it didn't really hit me that it was our baby's actual heartbeat beating away but as the day went on, the reality of it became more and more real. Its unbelievable to me that in 14 weeks, this little life can grow inside of me so strong and resilient already. As dumb as this sounds, hearing the heartbeat made me realize I have a baby/human/little person growing in me versus being pregnant.

For those first few weeks, I sort of equated being pregnant with the flu or a cold. It just didn't feel real. But gradually, in the last few weeks, as my body has begun to change a little and the early symptoms have lessened, the excitement of whats to come has started to feel real. Hearing that heartbeat truly made me fall in love with this little person and I can't believe I have months before I get to meet them.

I also had my first baby dream! I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby girl who we hadn't named yet and because I had an epidural I couldn't remember my labor at all. So, after we got home from the hospital, I asked Aaron what actually happened. He told me that I threw up in his hands, pooped on the table and screamed for three straight hours. When I told Aaron about the dream, he started cracking up, saying that's pretty much what he has prepared himself for at this point. I guess that makes two of us!

On a side note, did anyone watch the Office last night? I know the strike this year kind of messed up story lines due to the long break, but I'm kind of sad they are racing through Pam and Jim's romance and taking them straight to an engagement by the end of the season. (Sorry if that was a big tiem spoiler to anyone who didn't watch last night...) It would have been fun to see them just be together for a bit...have a first fight, say 'I love you,' do a few more pranks on Dwight. I do know the show isn't real, as my husband constantly reminds me, but I can't help it...I love it!

Happy Friday, we are off to see the in-laws and Baby Claire this weekend!


Ivy Wang said...

I totally agree with you about The Office. That show is classic. I thought the whole Jim and Pam "it's coming" conversation was incredibly awkward, but it was funny when he pulled that prank on her. Yeah, they're rushing the romance, but it's part of the awkward hilarity b/c Jim bought the ring the same week they started going out.

Anyway, in the real world, congratulations on the bun in the oven. I'm excited for you!

Ripe for Reading said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy; thanks for visiting my blog : )

-itsy bitsy mama

Fine For Now said...

It's been a month! Hope all is well!