Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look...I'm Growing

I haven't been that good about taking weekly belly shots. I took a few at 9ish weeks and then I took another few yesterday morning (13 weeks 3 days). The truth is, my stomach has always been the area on my body, I'm the most self conscious of. Thank goodness there is a baby in there or this process would be way more painful.

There are many good things about being 13 weeks pregnant. The top reason being that I feel better! As in, I can actually wake up when my alarm goes off, not gag at the smell of coffee, make it through the work day without crying better! I'm not really nauseous anymore, but my gag reflex is still ridiculously sensitive. The oddest thing so far is the fact that I can't go near anything terryaki. I think its an odd thing to hate so much seeing as just a few weeks ago, I loved all things rice, vegetable and terryaki. Typing those words just gave me that gaggy feeling at the back of my throat. My poor husband has taken over as sole dog-poop scooper and kitchen garbage taker-outer because if I even attempt either job, I end up dry-heaving.

The other cool thing about 13 weeks is that my stomach is starting to go from chubby looking to an actual pregnant belly. My pants do not button anymore but they still fit everywhere else, so I have started wearing the bella band. The bella band is awesome and comfy but takes some getting used to because on me it rides up a little which can get annoying.

We go to the doctor tomorrow to hear the heartbeat. I can't wait. All my friends with kids said that was a really special moment in their pregnancy and made it feel much more real. Here's the belly, the bigger it gets the more likely the shirt is going to have to be pulled down, because nobody (including myself) wants to see stretch marks. The first picture is at 9 weeks 4 days I think and then the other two are 13 weeks 3 days. Please excuse the dirty mirrors...apparently the other side effect of pregnancy is the inability to clean your house. Also excuse the extremly flat ass...it's genetic.

As a side note, the brown room I'm standing in is the future nursery. I'm taking suggestions for fabric colors/themes/general ideas.


Fine For Now said...

I can see a difference in each belly picture! Awesome.

Well, I love LOVE green (and I think you may too since we have almost the same blog color). I think I want to do a dual color room personally, like green and pink for girl or green and blue for boy. With either a chair rail, or border seperating the two colors.

My sister-in-law is giving us our nephew's furniture when he turns 2 in a few weeks and it is black. I would really prefer a dark cherry, but it is really nice, and FREE.

I personally don't like character rooms like Winnie the Poo, or cars/boats/trains, or only butterflies/flowers type things. I think I would ultimately pick out something with a pattern with green/pink/or/blue.

What are you leaning towards?

parkert3 said...

You're going to be so cute when you are really pregnant, I can just tell. I just hope I get to see you more often than I do now.....

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Yeah, I can't wait to watch that belly grow! It's an amazing process, and I can't wait to share it with you!

Anonymous said...

HI! Found you from Leah's site. YOu have a cute pregnant belly as well! Congrats.

Alos, if you leave the room brown, you could always do pink accents for a girl or brown and blue for a boy.

There is a great site caleld Wallies.com and they have stick on adhesive things in all sorts of themes. It adds color to a room and doesn't damage the walls. Just a thought.

Leah said...

You look FANTASTIC. Happy second trimester!