Sunday, April 6, 2008


It was a little embarrassing. It was also very funny. It was mostly shocking that I could say something so raunchy without one drop of wine in my system and without blinking an eye.

Last night we hosted a party for our friends who are getting married next weekend and as the evening winded down and the bottles of wine rapidly disappeared, a small group of us were left chatting. For whatever reason my husband proudly announced he was currently going commando. (which...gross) The conversation quickly turns to the merits of different types of under ware and my friend, the soon to be bride, mentions that she went through a "commando phase."

We all continue to debate about the level of comfort and so on when I loudly proclaim, "I have no problem with the ass, its the front I have an issue with!"

The room goes quiet for a second while everyone digests my comment and I stare innocently wondering why the conversation has stopped. Then...the laughter starts and I am beat red and I don't think its going to be something I live down for a while.

I blame it on "pregnancy brain," but I think its more of an issue of just not thinking before I speak...


Fine For Now said...

As in "the front" would be uncomfortable?

Andrea said...

As in, I can deal with no fabric protecting my behind, but the thought of nothing between a pair of jeans and my "front" sounds quite uncomfortable!

Fine For Now said...

Ha ha! That's what I thought.