Friday, April 4, 2008

Babies Everywhere

Our dear friends had their baby this morning! Baby Cohen arrived at 10:04am at a bouncing 7 pounds 3 ounces. I, of course being the hormonal pregnant gal that I am, cried when I saw the text message picture come through.

Now, I'm just watching the clock until 5pm when I can get out of work and go to the hospital. I visited early this morning before I went into work and it was so nice to witness a calm birthing experience. Not that I have seen any other babies being born, but its easy to kind of freak out about how labor and delivery is going to go. My friend wasn't quite ready to push, but she had her epidural and was happy and ready to bring that baby into the world. Her husband and mom and sister were there too, encouraging her and cracking jokes. It was awesome.

In pregnancy news related to me, I hit the 12 week mark today, and I am really hoping all these 1st trimester symptoms are going to fade away soon. I've noticed that the more tired I get, the more pronounced the morning sickness, headaches and crankiness are. I officially grew out of a pair of my jeans yesterday. I wore them to work as a last ditch effort to get one more use out of them, but by the time 3pm rolled around, I was dieing!!! So, those are going away until probably sometime in 2009. It makes me really sad to think I won't be wearing my regular clothes for a long long time. Oh well, bring on the maternity clothes!

I have been so spoiled. My mom, mother-in-law and friends have either bought, lent or given me some adorable clothes! I am super excited to wear it all. I'm in that funky spot where I don't look pregnant at all (except at night) but my pants are getting tight and my tops just don't hang as nicely. I need some transition clothes for the next couple of weeks...I might have to do some shopping this weekend!

I better get back to work and appear like I'm actually useful around here...

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Fine For Now said...

Will there be belly shots soon?

(Of the physical kind, not