Monday, March 31, 2008

So I kind of already told the story

So Aaron and I had been batting around the rhetorical question of kids for a few months. It was never a question of if...more when. Friends all around us announced they were pregnant over the last year but none of it fazed us. "We have all the time in the world...lets make some more money...we want to travel...the house isn't finished," we would say.

And then, Aaron's cousin got pregnant and for some reason that changed everything. Our kid would have a cousin! And just like that the conversation turned from "sometime in the summer or next year" to "lets just give it a shot, it'll probably take a few months." It most definitely did not take a few months and basically one month of lazyish birth control has resulted in an 11 week old little baby growing in my belly. Did you know that at 11 weeks, the babies hands and feet are fully formed and their teeth buds are forming? Crazy.

Oh right, I'm supposed to write about how we found out. So, if you know basic anatomy, you know that one of the first indicators of pregnancy is a missed period. So, the night before we are leaving for Hawaii, I was bemoaning the fact that my period was a day late and it was going to ruin my vacation. When I mentioned this to Aaron, he immediately wanted me to take a test. Since it was 7pm and we didn't even have one at the house, I told him his request was ridiculous and that regardless it would come out negative. Apparently for his peace of mind, he wanted me to take one anyway. So, off to Target we went. As I locked him out of the bathroom so I could do my thing in private, I had a moment to silently freak out. Could it seriously be positive?

I didn't have to wait long. Two seconds later, we got a big fat positive sign. I let Aaron in and we both just stood there staring at it, laughing like idiots. I don't think it was truly hitting either of us. There was some hugging and kissing, but mostly it was just us, standing their laughing and looking at that positive sign. I guess you could say nothing has been the same since.

It took a few solid weeks to come off the shock and to be honest it still doesn't feel completely real. I'm so thankful we headed off to Hawaii for a week and had time to process it just the two of us. Now that it has all started to sink in, I/we couldn't be more excited. We're thinking names and planning for the future. It's crazy, in just a few short weeks I've truly forgotten all the reasons we were putting off kids. This baby feels like perfect timing.


Ivy Wang said...

Congrats. That's fantastic!

Diana Lim said...

Fun story! I loved hearing it again. I can't wait to meet her...or him!

Fine For Now said...

Aww! I love hearing finding out stories! So exciting!