Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Haircut or Not to Haircut

I have a love/hate thing with my hair. I like it because its dark brown and I don't have to dye or highlight it. It has good texture and medium thickness...not too much that I can't handle it but not too thin that its hard to style.

But, I hate it because I'm never happy with the haircut. It's never the right length, the layers never lay just right and I always feel like my hair makes me look younger than my nearly 26 years. (I have a really annoying habit of of referring to myself in the age that I will be, mostly because I've always been the youngest in my group of friends and I want to appear cool. It might be time to let that habit go.)

Anyway, back to the hair, I need a style that is easy and manageable and that doesn't make my already round face take on an even more moon shape. It took so long for it to grow out that I'm hesitant to chop it all off but at the same time maybe its time.

Here are a few pictures of my current hairstyle, I'm open for ideas.

This is my current cut. This cut was supposed to be modeled after Reese Witherspoon but the bangs are too short and the layers are off. Overall I don't hate this cut, but I don't love it.

Sorry the picture is kind of small, but this is a similar style but my bangs are longer and pushed to the side. Ask anyone who has known me for a while and they will tell you about my signature pushed to the side bangs. I have had some variation of this hairstyle/bangs my whole life.

Okay, last picture. This is just an up close look at the old bangs. They are thick, long and parted way to the side. Also: kind of a funny expression on my face, but you get the picture.


Fine For Now said...

You are so pretty! Your right it is hard to tell in smaller pictures, but the larger one it looks good.

At least you have a cool signature thing, I'm a part it down the middle bore.

I am really bad with hair styles. I always tell my stylist to do whatever they feel (within reason) and I tend to like medium choppy chunk layers.

parkert3 said...

As I sit with die in my hair (no really I am actually dying my hair right now, I have 10 minutes until I rinse), I do get jealous that you have the perfect hair color, and don't need to color your hair for body.

But seriously, I love the bangs, the most recent bangs, I like them short. I think you look sophisticated. I think it makes your face look longer. I have seen all the styles in person, even the sort of down the middle on the other side of the cowlick. And, I like the bangs best.

And I also think you should grow it really long, like it was two New Years ago, the one where we drank too much. I like it long! Maybe only because my hair will never grow that long, be that thick, or be brown, so I wish to live through you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting. You are so cute! I'm looking forward to checking out your archives. I started in non-profit PR so I bet we have some stuff in common. xoxo