Monday, March 17, 2008

My Baby's All Grown Up

My baby is no longer a baby. Rem officially became a man last night. We intentionally did not get Rem neutered as a puppy because we wanted the option of "marrying" him off and making him a daddy. But in true Aaron and Andrea fashion, we totally delayed in sending his registration to the AKC and basically forgot about studding him out.

Fast forward to Friday night, as we were walking Rem in our neighborhood, this sweet women whips her mini-van over to the side of the road and casually calls out to us, "is your dog neutered?" Wow. That's the way to get a conversation started. Come to find out, her friends neighbor is looking for a male golden, and because this woman wants a puppy, she was on the hunt to help find the "right dog."

On Sunday, the gal who actually owns the female golden calls us to meet and see Rem. The meeting goes well and before we know it the dogs are playing and getting frisky.

The really awkward part of the whole thing is when they got stuck together. You basically just have to wait 10-15 minutes for the dogs to become un-stuck but you have to stand around holding their collars so they don't pull away from each other and cause any damage. It wouldn't have been that bad if it had just been us holding the dogs, but we were trying to make polite conversation with this woman we don't know at all. I wasn't very helpful, because I'm not nearly mature enough to handle a situation like that, so Aaron had to do all the talking. I just stood around giggling like a little girl.

As Rem was laying at my feet this morning while I blew dry my hair, I just couldn't help but feel like he's no longer my baby anymore. He's a real live grown up dog.


parkert3 said...

Ha ha ha

Fine For Now said...

Wow, I didn't know you had to hold them together for 10-15 minutes! Would you and your husband take a puppy if there is a litter?