Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dried Up Inspiration

My title might be a little dramatic but I have seriously lost all motivation for cooking in the last couple of weeks. I haven't cooked a legitimate dinner in weeks, I'm talking scraping together some chicken and rice here and there and a whole lot of scrambled eggs. For those that know me well, expecially my husband, know how much I love to cook. I'm constantly getting in "trouble" for overspending at the grocery store and loading up on non-essential items.

We are going to dinner at some friend's house tonight and I'm supposed to bring dessert...easy enough, except I can't think of anything to make. I could do something simple like chocolate chip cookies but I don't want to! Usually I have mental lists going of items I want to make and have scraps of paper all over my hosue with jotted down recipes. I even let my cooking light subscription lapse and I haven't logged on at Smitten Kitchen in weeks.

I think part of my problem is that I've been trying to stick to the basics when it comes to grocery shopping. When I looked at our bank statements from this fall and winter and saw how much money was going towards food, I almost died.

So, if anyone has tips or tricks to offer on how to save money at the grocery store or yummy recipes I should try, send them my way. I could really use a little inspiration.

Also -- 3 days until Hawaii. I have been obcessively checking the weather forcast and so far its supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny!

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