Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kauai Dreaming

Hawaii was fantastic. The weather was perfect, the cottage was quaint and comfortable, the scenery was to die for and the company was even better. It was truly a vacation of a lifetime. Aaron and I had the perfect combination of activities and relaxation. For every hour of hiking, sight seeing, driving in the jeep and exploring was matched with an hour of reading, napping, walking on beaches and frolicking in the ocean.

We basically spent each morning hiking or exploring and then spent the afternoons on various beaches sunning, snorkeling and watching whales. Aaron couldn't get enough snorkeling but there's something about it that kind of scares me. Not scary as in I don't want to do it, more just sort of spooky. Being under the water with all those fish just kind of ooks me out and I really didn't want to get stung by anything. Lucky for me...I didn't.

One of the best moments from the trip was our first morning there. Since Washignton is two hours ahead, we were wide awake at 6am. We watched the sun rise over the ocean from our bedroom window and then went down to the beach and walked in the sand. The sun and clouds were so beautiful and no one else was out there at the point. Very fun and romantic!

I also basically spent the entire vacation drinking my weight in smoothies. The fresh fruit smoothies were so good and I became thoroughly obcessed with mango, papaya and coconut smoothies.

Here is my favorite picture from the trip, we were headed to dinner on Valentines Day and jumped out of the jeep for a quick photo op...isn't he just delicious?

More photos and stories to come.


Fine For Now said...

Sounds beautiful!

Aimee said...

could you guys be any cuter? that's a great picture.

oh and hi! I'm blog stalking. :)