Sunday, August 17, 2008


I'm in nesting mode. I have a mile long list of house projects for my husband to complete and every time I look in a drawer or closet around my house, I just want to scream because everything is so cluttered and disorganized.

I'm not the most organized person anyway but as the baby items stack up in the nursery, I feel more and more overwhelmed at where I'm going to put everything. We have an old house meaning we run a little thin on storage space.

So on the list of to-do's is move my closet out of the nursery and into our bedroom, move Aaron's closet down to his office. Touch up paint throughout the house including painting our linen closet because it still smells musty and gross after two years of living here. We also have to finish the nursery and reorganize some drawers in the kitchen to accommodate bottles, bibs and miscellaneous baby stuff. I also want to get our carpets cleaned and buy a new rug for our living room. We will see how much my ambition matches up with our bank account!

The other part of 'nesting' is that I am obsessively researching everything from gliders to breast pumps to c-section recovery. (Not that I will even need a c-section...) I'm currently looking for some good recommendations on a glider/rocker and sling or other baby carrier (I have a Bjorn but I'm wondering if I will want something else). If you have a recommendation, email or leave me a comment.


Ripe for Reading said...

We got a Storkcraft glider from Walmart. Affordable and you can have it shipped to the store for free and pick it up. It's comfy and comes in a bunch of colors.

We have a Bjorn too, but I know that the fabric slings they sell (don't know brands) are a good choice as long as you get one that fits correctly.

mom2lo said...

We purchased the Storkcraft Hoop Glider & Ottoman from Babies R Us and it's really comfy and neutral. I tried out a Bjorn but it didn't work well for me. Our daughter LOVED the Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer. She spent several hours each day in that thing (it vibrates and has a cool toy!).

My daughter just turned one last month and I'm loving reading these pregnancy blogs so I can share my tiny bit of wisdom after having just gone through it myself.

Take care!

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

You are so are the most organized,and none cluttered person I know. Don't freak out!
I love the will you! And remember I told you about gliders at that Model Home Furnishings place had the cheapest i've seen.