Monday, November 10, 2008

Independence Day

Today was my first full day on my own with Jackson and I am proud to say we had a great day. Jackson slept in today after nursing every two hours from 2am to 6am, so I was super happy to snuggle my boy and sleep until 9am.

We ran out for a cup of coffee, nursed and snuggled some more, went for a walk, Daddy came home for lunch which meant a leisurely shower and combed hair for me and then we has some lunch ourselves, a bit more nursing and a long visit with one of my girlfriends. Jackson actually slept in his car seat for another hour when we got home so Aaron and I were able to have dinner together. Now, Daddy is burping the baby and I snuck upstairs for a little blogging time. (I actually need to be doing some freelance work...but I'll get to that...)

I am recognizing more and more that if I keep my boy full, he does significantly less crying. Sometimes he wants to eat every hour or hour and a half and other times he gives me a three or hour hour break, but if I don't feed him when he makes his hunger known, then watch out.

I was nervous that today would stretch out endlessly, but we had a really good day. It always helps my attitude when the sun is shining, and today was one of those perfect fall days. I am making the transition into 'mother' in fits and starts. I stumble and fall, get frustrated and then have a shining moment where he is happy and content and my heart feels like it could burst with pride and love.

As usual, my words fall short in expressing the state of my heart and mind.

Today was a good day.

I'm looking forward to so many more good days...


Ripe for Reading said...

Good for you! I know the feeling of being proud when your baby is content. But oh, is the nursing demanding!!! Wishing you more happy days.

Jenny M. said...

Hey Andrea! I found a link to your blog on Libby's blog (she is speaking at our MOPS next month so they did an article on her in the newsletter). Congrats on baby Jackson, what a cutie!! Sounds like motherhood is going well :) I would love to come say hi sometime!!

Jenny McCown

PS. I'm prego with #2 - due in June!

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Yeah! I love those moments when you figure out your baby...good job, Mommy!