Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sir Poops-A-Lot

I'm happy to report Jack is on the mend. We are finally seeing a return to normal for our boy and gauging by the amount of drool the kid is currently dripping all over me, any worries of dehydration are out the window.

(Did you know one sign of dehydration in an infant is dry mouth?) This little illness put me on high alert. I don't like seeing my boy sick.

Anyway, we're off for four days of skiing, eating, drinking and playing...and maybe a little shopping. It's snowing in Utah right now and I'm hoping to avoid taking another spill like a I did a few weeks ago. I was up until midnight finishing up work projects so I could leave without worrying. It feels good to actually have gotten everything done.

We've been playing around with the idea of moving for several months. We have a great house but the layout isn't very conducive for a mobile baby and we have really limited storage space. Well, two nights ago a guy got stabbed at the park down the street from us. We have one rental house on our block and of course it is currently housing drug dealers. Apparently some deal went bad.

Finding a new house just got moved back up the priority list! I wanted to go for a walk with the boy yesterday afternoon, but I'm still a little spooked. It's not likely I would get robbed and stabbed, but just the fact that it happened so close to my house really frightens me. Who knew we lived in the ghetto?

Jack says...I want a new house...and maybe a new pair of pajamas...

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