Monday, March 2, 2009

Park City

We had a fabulous time on vacation. Of course, even with the best of inentions, we didn't take a single photo, so these are stolen from Libby's blog.

This was a perfectly timed escape from dreary Yakima. We arrived to beautiful sunshine, eager grandparents, good food and decent snow. Even better, it was a truly fantastic time with friends. We laughed a lot (mostly about bodily functions)...I swear some things never change! But we snuck in some great conversations as well. After a couple of lonely years in Yakima, we are blessed with rich friendships.


The Swanson Family said...

I can't help but feel a twinge (ok, that's an understatment) of jealousy. Count us in for the next time!

parkert3 said...

What beautiful ski weather!!! I am so glad you and friends were able to get away from the grind of daily life.