Sunday, March 22, 2009

We've Been Busy

We spent the weekend at White Pass with the same great friends who went to Utah with us.

We snuggled by the fire, read books, played with the kidlets, and ate way too many cookies. Libby has a good excuse to eat not so much!

At one point on Friday, Libby and I looked at each other over the top of our books and asked if the other wanted to venture know, just to be able to say we left the condo that day...we decided against it and settled on making tea and eating more cookies. (On a side note, it is so awesome to have a fellow book nerdy friend! Love it!)

The guys skied a bunch, but the moms decided icy slushy snow just wasn't our thing. I was on deadline this week, so the weekend coming early was a blessing. I got my work done and didn't have to worry.

Amy snapped this cute photo of us, I love that Jack looks like he has no neck (or body), just a floating head. I didn't exactly pack appropriately for him, so we had to get a little creative in keeping him bundled up.

Hope your weekend was as relaxing and restful as ours was!

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Jennifer said...

Love the picture of Jack! :) Those cheeks are so adorable!!!