Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Do You Title a Post About Poop? (Again)

We're on day three of no dairy and unbelievably we are seeing a marked improvement in Jack's 'issues.' I don't know if it's related but he's also sleeping a little better.

Sad for me as I made my famous garlic mashed potatoes that have butter, cream cheese and sour cream blended into them for dinner with friends last night. I sadly passed them by and piled salad high on my plate.

I'll be interested to know if all the diarrhea we've been dealing with is legitimatly a milk intolerance/allergy or if his system is just having a hard time digesting it while it heals from a virus. Regardless, I'm hopeful we've rounded the corner.

This morning I made french toast with vanilla soy milk instead of milk and it was really good. I almost couldn't tell the difference. I added extra cinnamon to cover the soy aftertaste and it worked!

Aaron and I were laughing this morning that this is going to force me to get over my sweet tooth since just about every dessert I love has chocolate, butter or some other kind of dairy in it.

Those last two or three pounds that have so stubbornly hung on...I'm hoping they disappear. Which, can we talk about weight for just a minute?

What is the deal with post-pregnancy bodies? The weight is almost all gone but my body doesn't look like it used to. Some of my old pants are too big...others are too tight. Shirts still don't fit right. I'm not necessarily complaining and I honestly don't think it's noticable to anyone but me and probably my husband, but it's a little disconcerting.

In some ways, I feel more comfortable in my own skin than I ever have before...there's something about aknowledging what your body is capable of in carrying and birthing a baby that makes me feel a little more tender and forgiving towards it. On the other hand, sometimes I look in the mirror and see every flaw, real and imagined, and just feel gross. Womanhood is such an odd dichotomy of embracing and hating ourselves all in the same moment.

I do love this picture I'm posting of Jack and I. We both look so healthy and happy. And truly, as contrite as it sounds, means more to me than anything.


The Lewis Family said...

Happy to hear Jack is doing better! I just saw this picture of you guys on your facebook and said to Kyle that you are SO tiny already! I am officially jealous. I definately feel your pain on the changes that your body has gone through- I am so there! (grrr) you look great! Do any of your shoes fit you anymore? Mine seem to have all shrunk in the last 9 months or so....

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Cute pictures! He is looking so much like your brothers. Can't wait to hold that chub this weekend!