Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Jack and I had a great weekend in Bellingham loving on soon-to-be-born Baby Lim and her mama. The college roommates have a tradition of gathering for a girls weekend to celebrate upcoming weddings or babies.

It always cracks me up how we can all pick up where we left off as if we were just living together yesterday. There is lots of laughing, a little bickering and that wonderful unspoken understanding that friends who really know each other just have.

Thanks ladies...now send me your pictures so I can post them on my BLOG!


And as thankful as I am for my friends, I'm really grateful for my hubby. Why you ask? Well, as I was sitting on Snoqualmie pass in an awful snow storm waiting for avalanche control to finish up, I thought to myself, if Aaron was here I wouldn't have to drive...

There is so much I take for granted that my husband just does. He drives in the scary weather, he maintains the cars and almost always pumps the gas. He mows the lawn (I've never mowed a lawn), fixes the plumbing, calls the repair man when we need it and pays the mortgage. I wouldn't know up from down if he disappeared. I know I could do all those things, but I'm so thankful I don't have to, and even more thankful that I get to be married to my husband. He's the best (to me!).


Aaron spent his free weekend knocking back projects around our house. He's so funny, I always encourage him to just relax and kick back whenever I leave town and instead he busies himself around the house fixing and tweaking things. Apparently, he is relaxed...

Anyway, he took a hand sander to our hardwood floors and re-verathaned then and they look fantastic! Several years of dog nails, high heals, and one to many times of dropping food on the floor and they were looking a little rough. Now, you can slide across them in your socks and Rem keeps slip sliding around as he tries to round a corner.

He also rotatiled a garden space in our side yard, so I'll keep you posted as things start growing.


Anonymous said...

Random thought for the garden...as I was making dinner tonight I thought about how many onions we go through - practically every dinner we have starts off with me chopping an onion. I have no idea what they are like to grow, but it might be worth checking out...yup, that was random, wasn't it?


diana said...

Thanks for coming over...I loved having you and Jackson here! Baby Lim is looking forward to hanging out this summer with her pretty little dress on :)