Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bears, Beets...Battlestar Gallactica

I didn't eat any beets over the weekend, but I did see a bear! We spent part of the long weekend in Chinook Pass with friends and as we headed back into town, we decided to pull off the road to look for some huckleberries. We weren't that far off the highway when about 50 yards away was a big old black bear running towards us! I don't think he ever saw us and he disappeared down a ravine, but it was so cool to see! How many times do you get to see a bear in 'real' life?

That pretty well ended any huckleberry picking we were planning to do...oh well, maybe next year.

I've watched the Business of Being Born twice in the last three days...it was so captivating the first time, I had to watch it again. I cried my eyes out each time I watched a baby being born. It's amazing to me what our bodies are capable of doing, I just can't get over the miracle that birth is. I know it will hit home even more once I actually go through the experience myself, but just to watch it on TV is amazing. I initially was hesitant about watching the video because I thought it was going to be a little wacky. I'm the girl that's said all along I wanted an epidural the second I go into labor. But, in the back of my mind, I've always known that even though I'm pro pain medication, I've wanted minimal interventions. I think that's why I was so uncomfortable with my doctor offering to induce me early. I'm still on the fence about the epidural but I have decided not to get induced unless I go really late.

Aaron and I are steadily working through our 'to-do' list. Aaron finished painting the moulding in the baby's room and painted the ceiling in our basement. We switched closets around and organized a lot of the baby stuff. I still have some organization projects to do and I need to start washing baby clothes. I can't get over that it's time to start washing baby clothes! This is getting more and more real every day.

I'm looking for a diaper bag and haven't found 'the one.' Again, I'm looking for advice or recommendations. I want a tote style and preferably with a fun color or pattern. I personally would like it to look more like a purse than a messenger style bag.

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Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

If you cried during that movie...don't watch the baby story on TLC...you'll cry everytime!
I love ya and can't wait for baby mccoy