Friday, September 12, 2008

Is it Summer or Fall?

I know technically it's still summer, but I can't help feeling so excited that the first hints of fall are in the air. It is still warm and sunny during the day, but the evenings have a hint of crispness to them. A few of the trees in the neighborhood are tinged with reds, yellows and oranges.

I feel like I blew right through the summer. We never floated the river, played a round of golf, camped or even did any real hiking. We attempted to pick huckleberries (a pacific northwest must-do) but that didn't happen thanks to a bear sighting. I wouldn't have lasted too long anyway, but still...

I hate feeling like time has gotten away from me and I didn't take advantage of all the things I 'could have done.' One of my favorite bloggers, All & Sundry, wrote a really interesting post today. Linda basically said that having kids helped her realize how capable she really is and through that she is more motivated and excited to pursue hobbies and career goals. The context of her post is mostly about her career, but it touched a cord with me.

I am capable of so many things, but I often settle for 'good enough.' I tease Aaron that he is the perfectionist in our relationship, and while it's true, and I won't ever be a perfectionist, I wonder how much richer my life would feel if I pursued my hobbies, career and even more importantly, motherhood, with a bit more motivation and a little less procrastination.

I think that's why I love fall. Fall is an opportunity to slow down a little bit, catch the gorgeous colors falling from the trees and start over refreshed. I think that's my goal for the rest of 2008, to not only immerse myself in motherhood, but take a hard look at how I can make the most of my days, so that they include the things that I love. Even if it means a little hard work and sacrifice on my part.

That...and I'm excited for apple pies, cinnamon scented candles and pumpkins on door steps. Hopefully the warm days will continue to hold so that baby and I can take a few leisurely walks before it gets too cold.

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