Thursday, September 18, 2008

Braxton What?

So, I've had a few "practice contractions" the last few days...I was just complaining to my equally as pregnant friend Nicole that I was concerned I wasn't having any braxton hicks contractions, which obviously means I will never have this baby and it will be Thanksgiving before he's born, when what do you know, the next morning, they started up.

(I'm getting a little dramatic in the late stages of pregnancy, oh wait, I've always been a little dramatic).

I threw an absolute fit that there was a fly in the living room last night. I couldn't stand the buzzing noise and loudly complained about it for several hours. Never mind the fact that I could have just gotten off the couch and killed it myself, but apparently that very rational thought didn't resonate in my brain until just now.

As excited as I am that I only have 29! days! left! The reality of having a baby, a real live human baby, who is not just ours but our responsibility...for the rest of our lives...seems to be hitting us off and on like a bag of bricks. Aaron is using his nervous energy to his advantage. In the last several weeks he has taken up jogging (or is it yogging?) and indoor soccer. He has dutifully gone down the list of ridiculous and tedious house projects I've requested and nearly completed his entire list without that much complaining. I, on the other hand, have used my nervous energy to frantically shop online for gliders (which by the way, why are they all so ugly and expensive?), wash baby clothes in non-Dreft detergent and complain loudly about my various discomforts. I'm a peach, truly.

So, that's what's been going on in my world, we're real exciting around here. Coming up this weekend, my mother comes to town for a baby shower...


Fine For Now said...

I just don't believe it! 29 days!


Victoria said...

I had the same thought about gliders... so I bought this. Due Oct 15, so I can't comment how useful it will be post-baby, but pre-baby I like it!

Victoria said...

oops, link didn't come through:

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said... dramatic...never! Don't you love braxton hicks contractions! Try going on your 4 mile walk now!

BethanyWD said...

My two cents on gliders: we spent a decent amount of money (probably $400) on a Dulailier from Babies R Us. Yes, it was super expensive, but I spent HOURS sitting in it breastfeeding in the first year of my children's lives (HOURS!). We got one that was able to recline as well (which is great for sleeping with a newborn straped to your chest). We considered that we were making a furniture investment and would use is for years to come. And more than five years later, it still sits in our master bedroom, and gets use every day!

Blessing to you - I found you blog through your comment in LeahK's blog; sounds like you live in the Seattle area like I do! Congratulations.