Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leaking pipes and too much cake

In one weekend, we hosted two sets of family, went out to eat at least four times, opened lots of amazing gifts, made a few returns, bought more stuff (that we probably don't need), cleaned out flower beds (I mostly watched/supervised), made an apple pie, shopped for a glider (still haven't found one...help!) and administered antibiotics to my dog, who once again has an ear infection.

But, the most notable events of the weekend was noticing a wet patch of ceiling in our basement and watching in horror as my husband cut a hole into our drywall to investigate. This wouldn't be the hugest deal, if it wasn't the third time in a year that we were dealing with leaking pipes/flooding/water saturated drywall. Thankfully, the water wasn't coming from any of the plumbing that was installed for the new bathroom. Instead, it was one of the old pipes that decided to start leaking. It saturated about two feet of our ceiling and once again we have gaping holes in our basement. This is one of the many reasons our house is always 'for sale.' People ask us how we could ever move now that our house is 'done,' and it's because as hard as we've worked on this house, something is always needing tweaking or fixing and it gets so frustrating.

I don't know why I'm complaining since it's Aaron who has to do the bulk of the work. But, I figure I can complain because I have to look at the hole and spend the money to fix it! Two steps forward and one giant step backward seems to be the story of our lives when it comes to this house. Oh well. I'm sure we'll get the hole patched up sometime in 2009!

Lucky for us, we had amazing chocolate cake from my baby shower to soothe our sorrows. Aaron and I cannot be left alone with chocolate, so after nearly devouring the entire cake in about two days, we had to give the rest to the neighbors.

One final thought for this already very disjointed post. I went to the doctor yesterday and was told they expect the baby to be at least 8 pounds and at this point, labor is a distant pipe dream. My body had no signs of labor and even my own doctor has started commenting on the size of my belly. I think that's more than enough reason to start going for a few more walks and to lay off the cake for the remainder of this pregnancy.

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Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

You guys have the worst house luck. I'm sorry...but at least you had cake!
PS. you need to put up an updated belly pic!