Thursday, January 29, 2009


The nonexistent posting this week is due to drowning in the following:
  • snot
  • freelance projects
  • green, yucky, sinus exploding snot
  • a baby who laughs (oh my gosh...the baby's the best thing ever!!!)
  • opinionated mothers (my mother has been here since Sunday)
  • dog hair (I am seriously losing my mind when I look around and see yet another dog hair tumbleweed go blowing by not five minutes after I've vacuumed)
  • homemade lemon pound cake...really not good for the 'healthy living commitment'
  • more snot

I have the head cold from hell. I sound like an emphysema-riddled old lady and every time I cough it startles my son. I haven't shredded this week, but I have gone on a few walks with the baby. My bob stroller rocks.

I really hope I'm better tomorrow because I'm supposed to go skiing this weekend and I don't want to miss it. I have new ski boots to test out and I got my skiis waxed.

Substantial posting and a renewed commitment to getting rid of the junk in my trunk next week.

1 comment:

Fine For Now said...

Maybe a video of the baby laughing?

That would make my day! It is the best sound ever :O)

Hope you feel better soon.