Thursday, January 15, 2009


Like so many of us, part of my commitment or 'resolution' for 2009 is to lose the last of my baby weight(about 5 pounds but I could stand to lose an additional 5 after that, so lets be honest, it's more like 10 pounds) and make a renewed effort to be healthy. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm about a 5 when it comes to healthy living. I've always exercised, although I'm not an athlete, eaten lots of fruit and veggies and gotten a decent amount of sleep (pre-baby that is). But, I want to do more.

I was looking for a work out that I could do at home when Jackson is sleeping that would not only hold my attention but also be easy enough to follow along. Turbo Jam is fun but I am just not coordinated enough for it. So, upon the many recommendations of fellow bloggers, I bought 30 day shred and I think it's actually working!

My arms feel stronger, my legs are constantly sore and my belly, which is completely whapped out from having a nine pound baby, even seems to be responding. More than anything I think I have a bit more energy and considering my son has once again given up on sleeping at night, I need all the energy I can get.

My goal this week was to do the workout every day. I missed Tuesday but I'm hoping not to miss any other days this week. I am joining a few other ladies in blogland in posting an update on my progress on Thursdays. You might even see a few before and after pictures, once there is documentable progress.

My other goal, which I wrote about over at Bodies in Motivation, was to eat healthy snacks. I need to ramp up on this one. I'm drinking too much coffee, and dipping into the bags of frozen chocolate chips in my freezer. Yes...I eat handfuls of frozen chocolate chips when there aren't any other treats at my house. What is your secret bad habit? Don't leave me hanging out in embarrassment all by myself!


The Lewis Family said...

I am officially on day 2 of 30-day shred and I feel so out of shape! I kinda wish it had more ab stuff but I can always knock out a few extra crunches on my own- I have about 10 lbs I would like to lose so we will see how this helps with that. My treat lately is to have a Sam Adams Cream Stout beer after I put Parker down. I don't do it every night but its a seasonal beer so I can't for enjoy them for too long anyway. I think it's actually really good for you to give yourself a reward for all the hard work every now and then!

Fine For Now said...

Working in an office is horrible for trying to eat healthy! Around 3:00 in the afternoon I'm raiding nearby offices for their chocolate candy stash!

I have given up sugar at home after dinner but at 3pm I can't stop myself!

parkert3 said...

When there are no other treats in the house, I get desperate and eat smores. Yup, I make them in the mircrowave, with mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and a graham cracker. It's sad and desperate...but I can't stop!! By the way, I miss you and can't wait to meet Jackson. I know Christmas was crazy with family and SNOW, but soon. Love you!

laurel said...

Reading about Flotsam & Sundry's love for 30 Day Shred made me put it on my Christmas List. I've been doing it since the new year and love it! I haven't lost a pound so far but I have noticed a big difference in my muscle tone and endurance. I have been doing level 2 for a couple of days now and am still dying. She really ramps it up from level 1! Its so fun to hear about you guys doing it as well!

Miss you and can't wait to meet the boy sometime soon I hope!

Oh and were do I find your posts on Bodies in Motion?

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Since i've had Claire i've become a baker! Yes that includes my weekly bake session of choc. chip cookies (on a good note I do sent half the batch home with my mom)!!!

Andrea said...

I started the 'Shred' almost a month ago and have done it regularly (at least 5 times a week) since then and have seen impressive results. After two weeks I was down four pounds and had another 10 to lose to be at my pre first pregnancy weight. I am finding it easy to allow myself 30 minutes for a workout and because of the results I am sticking with it.