Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jackson is suddenly getting a bit picky over taking a bottle. It took me several attempts to get him to take a bottle yesterday and then Trisha watched him for me this morning while I was at work and he refused it from her as well. Both times he has eventually taken the bottle, because as you can see, the kid doesn't turn down food, but I'm a bit perplexed. I really hope he doesn't completely resist the bottle, because then I'm really going to be in trouble.
Jackson's expression in this picture is what I look at all day long...somewhere in between a little surprised and perplexed. I love that little face.

That onesie by the way is size 6-12 months. The kid is a tank!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that expression, LOVE the photo and LOVE the onesie!

Sounds like he's his daddy's boy...boob vs. bottle... ;) (Though Aaron grew to like bottles too, so maybe there is still hope!)


parkert3 said...

He is so adorable, I can see why you are in awe all the time. By the way that onesie is amazing!