Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Favorite Time of Day

Every day in the soft gray light of the early morning, my son 'calls' from his room. I stumble down the hallway and am greeted with a grin and a shriek. We do the necessary diaper change and then snuggle in on the couch for breakfast. Me with a cup of coffee balanced carefully on the arm of our couch and Jackson contentedly nursing away.

My favorite time is the ten minutes after he finishes nursing and we cuddle and play...delaying the inevitable start of our day. We smile and talk, lots of kisses are given out and I soak up his beautiful baby face. Those blue eyes melt me over and over.

Soon enough he is going to be running and playing, not wanting to slow down for hugs and kisses from me, so today I'll treasure the moment.


Fine For Now said...

That is so beautiful :)

Ripe for Reading said...

How sweet. Makes me want to savor my mornings more instead of bringing Ian to bed as I side-lie nurse him and hope we both drift back to dreaming : )