Monday, October 13, 2008

39 and a half weeks and no baby in sight

We went to the doctor today and this baby apparently has no interest in having a birthday. I had high hopes of having the baby over the weekend so that my doctor would be available to deliver the baby, but nothing happened. I think that was what was so dissapointing...I know my due date is still a few days away and I could still go into labor at any time, but I had really hoped to have him on Saturday or Sunday.

I had a good cry about it on the way home from the appointment, and now I'm committed to the long haul. Worst case scenario, they will induce me a week from Thursday on Oct. 23. So, maybe he'll come sometime between now and then, but at least I have an end date in sight.

My husband keeps reminding me that no one is pregnant forever and even if we have to wait all the way until next week, I'm on the home stretch, and as much as I know that, it doesn't really make me feel any better. I do have to give him credit though, he was very very sweet to me. We went for a walk tonight and then splurged on some Ben and Jerry's frozen yogurt. Yum.

On a positive note, I have very pretty cherry red toenails. I figure its the least I could do for those that have to hold my legs! I guess I should also mention that day one of maternity leave was pretty awesome. I slept in a bit, had coffee with a girlfriend and just relaxed. I basically have the same agenda tomorrow. If I'm not going to be having a baby, hanging out and relaxing...not at work is not a bad way to spend your days.


Fine For Now said...

Too bad baby didn't make his apperance this weekend :( *Fingers crossed* it happens VERY soon!

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

How much weight has Aaron gained through these needs of Ben and Jerry? Ha Ha

The Lewis Family said...

You poor thing! Now that I am starting the "unomfortable stage" I really do feel for you! We have been praying and praying that you have him soon and hopefully can stay somewhat comfortable until then (I know, easier said than done) Good luck!

Ripe for Reading said...

I hope the baby makes his appearance soon! And on the toenails thing? I got a pedicure a week or so before Ian was born and the nurses definitely noticed and I felt pretty psyched to have something pretty to look at while I pushed with all my might!