Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Means Baby Month

With the arrival of October 1st, the excitement and anticipation for the arrival of our baby is hanging thickly in the air. Back in February, May and even July, I wasn't totally convinced October would ever arrive. But, here it is with 85 degree weather, sunshine, red and gold leaves on a few trees and a mama with a gleam in her eye, waiting hopefully.

When my mom was visiting a few weeks ago, she was telling stories about raising me and one of her 'famous phrases' was telling me to wait hopefully. Basically, she was nicely telling me to be patient and probably be quiet. But, that term, waiting hopefully, has resonated with me and I keep mulling it over, rolling the words off my tongue as I try and digest why those two little words mean so much to me.

What does it mean to wait hopefully?

I feel like the final way I can honor this pregnancy and this incredible journey I've been on in the last nine months, is to wait hopefully. Not with fear and anxiety, but with confidence and hope.

I'm not by nature much of a risk taker. I frighten easily and worry often. But, I am slowly shedding those behaviors as I've found more and more confidence in my ability to care for this little life inside of me. And, I feel honored by the courage God has filled me up with. It has been an answer to prayer, and I know friends and family have been praying specifically for bravery and courage.

So, for the next 17 days I am waiting hopefully, shedding any last seeds of fear and trying to enjoy the rolls and kicks inside of me, because in such a short period of time, a new journey begins.


Anonymous said...

What a great prayer to have at this stage of your pregnancy. We will continue to pray for you, Aaron and baby Jackson, and will add the beautiful thought of waiting hopefully. Just a few more days new mama! What an exciting journey you are about to begin.

The Lewis Family said...

Beautifully put! We are so excited for you guys-we will keep praying for your new family and that these next couple weeks bring you a healthy little boy! Love you guys!