Monday, October 20, 2008

One Day Closer baby yet, but my induction date has been moved up to Wednesday night. I'll check into the hospital around 8pm and I will have a medication administered to my cervix. From there, we wait and see how much or if I will continue to dilate. For some women, it's enough to put them in labor, for others the doctor will break their water or give them pitocin.

I met with the doctor who will deliver Jackson today and I adored him. He was kind, encouraging and I felt like he really listened to me. Aaron had a million questions of his own and he patiently answered all those as well.

Unfortunately, I remain a tight 1 centimeter. No change in three weeks now. As much as it was initially disappointing to face the reality of being induced, I have rounded the corner and I'm honestly almost giddy about it. I have faced the reality that my body is going to take it's sweet time to go into labor and enough is enough. If it needs a little push in the right direction, I'm willing to do it. Also, it's sort of feeds my need to plan!

Tomorrow I'm going to clean up my house, organize some of my maternity clothes, do laundry and finish packing my hospital bag. On Wednesday Aaron is going to come home after lunch and keep me company which will help pass the time.

Yea for baby week! I can't believe in a few short days this is all going to be over and I'm going to be a mom. I am so excited.


Fine For Now said...

Aw Good Luck! I've been checking in every day to see if you have had him yet! Less than 48 hours :o)

The Lewis Family said...

YAY! Light at the end of a very long tunnel! That is also my little sisters birthday- I'm so excited for you! Good luck in the next little bit of time you have for prep- love you guys!

Chad & Cate Kuhlmann said...

Yeah for b-days! We can't wait to meet baby jackson! I hope you can keep your self busy and get some sleep before then! PUSH HARD!

Ripe for Reading said...

GOOD LUCK! Oh, and I got the medication to ripen my cervix. I went into labor the evening I had the meds. So here's crossing my fingers for you! Enjoy this time and I can't wait to see pics when all is said and done!