Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I'm Spending Maternity Leave

I had a pretty rough day of sleeping in, catching up on emails, having lunch with a girlfriend and making muffins. I made apple bran muffins and they are tasty but a bit crumbly. The top is slightly overcooked while the insides are a bit too soft. I'll have to remake them again and tweak a few things. I'm in a baking mood, but I keep reminding myself that my days of free for all pastry eating are numbered...

Aaron and I indulged in some chai tea tonight. This has got to be one of the most unflattering photos of me, but for the good of the blog I decided it should be documented. Also...check out the girth. This is probably the last photo you will see of me until I am un-pregnant and had a few weeks to lose the gallon of water weight I'm carrying around along with baby Jackson.
This is the one legitimate activity I participated in today. Lots and lots of laundry. I am caught up and all I need to do is put away one last load.

Our family is taking bets on when this baby will arrive and most of their predictions are for this weekend. Let's hope they are right! Friday is getting closer and closer!


Anonymous said...

Muffins?!? What about that brand new bread pan that you needed late in the evening last week?

As for my bet (and please don't hit me) but I'm going for either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week....start labor on Tuesday with Jackson making his grand arrival on Wednesday.

The Lewis Family said...

You are too funny! I love that you took a picture of your laundry- are you a bit bored? :) Enjoy your relaxing!

The Swanson Family said...

Looks like you were meant for a life of luxury! Enjoy these last couple of days of sleeping in. :)