Wednesday, October 8, 2008

There Are Many Great Things About October

One great thing is that October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month. My dear friend Libby, who blogs at Blessings and Glory, has committed to posting every day in the month of October to raise awareness about Down Syndrome.

Libby and Alex welcomed their second son, Charlie, into the world just over a year ago and have been walking a God filled journey as they have faced and celebrated Charlie's diagnosis. Libby has an incredible story to tell, and I am honored to point you to her blog.

In other great things related to October, it is officially fall in the great Yakima Valley. The trees are brilliant shades of yellow, red, oranges and amber. The sky is brilliant blue and Mt. Adams looks majestic rising above our barren hills.

Central Washington gets a bad rap for being ugly and dry and hot...which all those things can be true. It doesn't have the lush beauty of coastal Washington nor does it have the forested hills and mountains of Eastern Washington, but when you step back just a little bit, the acres of vineyard and apple orchards butted up against brown hills and pink sunsets make for a pretty stunning backdrop.

It would be appropriate for me to publish a picture right here...but unfortunately I'm blogging illegally from work and I don't have one to post.

I'm headed home to go for yet another walk. Last night Aaron and I walked the steep grassy terraces at the nearby park and I have every intention of doing it again tonight. Between dancing at the beer festival over the weekend and climbing hills at the park, I have been getting some pretty odd looks in the last few days.

But, can you blame me?

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