Monday, October 13, 2008

Hunting 2008

This is a short ode to my husband and his love for hunting. He went out for opening weekend on Saturday and Rem was a complete embarrassment. Apparently he either chased the other dog around or walked behind Aaron, not exactly what you want or hope for when you're looking for pheasants. Aaron went out again and Rem, knowing his days were probably numbered if he didn't pull it together, hunted well and they even got a bird. (You've got to love bankers hours, did anyone else get the day off for Columbus Day?)

Here is the proud puppy with his bird:

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Fine For Now said...

Aww, I have totally forgotten about your dog! He does look proud with his bird :)

You would have thought working at a University I would have had the day off, but no such luck. We do have off Veteran's Day next month, so go figure!